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sabato 30 agosto 2014

Tappi Decorati con carta e vinilik

Buona seraaaa rieccomi.... con un tutorial su come decorare dei semplici tappi corona.... con della carta fantasia, e della semplicissima colla Vinilik.... adatti per decorare i lavori di scrapbooking e tanto altro..... spero di essere stata utile, e ci vediamo al prossimo video ciao ciao......

BUONA VISIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 commenti:

  1. I am looking through your projects and saw these. I think these are marvelous. I can imagine making them with favorite images and my grandchildren loving them and collecting them. Can you imagine making a set of Sesame Street or Winnie the Pooh? They would all love them and they're big enough to not worry about one of them trying to eat it! Your blog has given me some wonderful ideas. Your projects are fabulous. I adore the wedding groom and bride dress I saw and I love the little flat paper envelopes I saw...so many cute little ideas that I think would be wonderful to make! Thank you for following my blog because now I have your link and can visit you! Hugs, Gail